Montenegro Economic Citizenship

Montenegro is a beautiful picturesque country in south eastern Europe surrounded by Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Albania. Montenegro.  Montenegro  future candidate for EU membership and NATA and currently has UN and WTO membership. The name Montenegro is derived from the word “black mountain” (Monte (“mountain”) and Negro (“black”). The currency of Montenegro is Euro.

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment 


The Government of Montenegro opens citizenship program on Oct 1, 2018 for 2000 investors with families.  Investments must be made in real estate or businesss

  • EUR 250,000 in undeveloped areas
  • EUR 450,000 in developed areas
  • EUR 100,000 additional application processing fee by Government

Total: EUR 350,000

The Government of Montenegro has suspended the economic citizenship by investment program in Nov 2010.  The Citizenship by investment program (CIP) of Montenegro is currently may open in the future for investors.

Residency in the country is one of the requirements for citizenship. Permanent residency will be issued in 3 weeks and Citizenship within 6 months of time.

Montenegro Citizenship

Montenegro passport has visa-free travels to 107 countries such as European Union, Russian Federation, Switzerland etc.

Montenegro offers low tax policy for established businesses and individuals.

Montenegro map of cities
Source: Reliefweb/OCHA

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